Enhancing Your Genetic Potential
Our mission is to customize a sport-specific strength training program that will assist you in achieving your athletic/fitness goals. Through exceptional evaluation techniques, your strengths and weakness will be identified. Your customized program will be progressively monitored to assure skill enhancement. We strive for cooperative interaction among other support systems so that the combined effect has you at your best.

Why Choose Us?

What everyone says?

Strength Training
  • Develop Joint Flexibility (I.E. PNF stretching)
  • Develop Ligament &Tendon Strength for joint Integrity so that tendons can transmit force
  • Develop Core Strength-Arms and legs are only as strong as the trunk. (Core muscles are key to allow the sprinter to move in a linear fashion)
  • Develop the stabilizers- Ankles, shoulders, hips, knees.
  • Train movements, not muscles- Multi-joint exercises are key to optimal performance.
Speed Training
Speed, skill and power separate one athlete from another in competition. The training of has become quite an industry across the nation as young athletes become aware of the need for speed. Helix believes that it takes 4-5 weeks of consistent speed development in order to be able to see results on a stopwatch (the clock doesn’t lie).
Explosiveness Training
Helix does not focus on how much an athlete can lift. Helix focuses on how much an athlete can lift quickly. Our explosion training is what separates us from the rest.